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We can undertake a range jobs from installations to repairs on equipment found aboard todays boats. As well as external paintwork and graining and roses and castles. We cover West London area and as as far east as Victoria Park. Sorry we no longer cover the River Lea, Limhouse Cut, Hertford Unoin or Limehouse Basin other than for booked vessel surveys.

When contacting use for engineering services please give us the following details. Your name, the boats name, its CRT Index number, and its mooring location. Giving a bridge name, or number, or well known mooring name or place. Details of the issues and what is wanted of course along with a contact number and email. We deal with emails each evening between 7pm and 8pm.

Fee £30 per hour plus parts required.
(Minimum fee £40 to cover travel to quick jobs of less than a hour to cover travel costs

Cost of parts is to be paid in advance of purchase if total is grater than 100 GBP.
Vessel fits outs and large installation require stage payments.
Each job is assesed and a written quote supplied before anything is undertaken. 


Repairs and modifactions to existing DC systems
Testing of charging equipment and batteries including solor panels and wind chargers.
System dyanostics and fault finding
Design and installation of new systems
Design of switch panels for engines, auxilary and cabin systems
Installation of new batteries
Design and construction of one-off LED lighting units
LED convertions of existing T5 tube light fittings.

Pipe work:

Installation of cabin  water pumps and supply systems
Copper pipework for gas oil (Desiel) supplies


Priventative repairs
Oil and fuel filter changes
Coolent changes
Impeller pump overhauls
Fuel supply system repairs
Fan Belt changes
Pipework for engine cooling systems
Stern gear packing changes
Installation of differental cables and linkages (Push-Pull cables)

LPG and Forced hot air heating systems:

Sorry we Don't deal with LPG systems as we are not registered with Gas Safe but we know people that are
Gas Safe registred, who do a good job. Neither do
we reapir desiel hot air heating systems as most of the parts are only avalible to OEM service agents. 


Roses and castles
Agents for Signwriting and Art work by Karolina Daniel (Please contact us for details.)