tugchannel seacable box


Includes vessel movements to and from moorings, marina berths, boat yards for repairs or surveys within
the greater London area. Movements required outside the London area by aggrement. Towage for deliveries
can also be arranged if required.  

All our team have many years professional service on waters in and around the UK, and have Martime
Coastgaurd Agency professional qualifications and undergo regular update training. We do encourge
ship owners to attend with us on a trip, especialy if they are new to world of waterways as we are
happy the give unofficial training and advice along the way.

Towage: Is avialable within the greater London area only, please contact us for information using details
on the contacts page. We need to know type of vessel, from and to, if return trip or one way, reason etc. The more you tell us, we will be able prepair you a quotation more quickly.

Fee: From £20 per hour per crew required. 

Our minimum crew is normally two. On rivers, or with large craft more may be required for operational safety.

Basic Terms:

Before any towage or delivery request is acepted , an inspection vist to the boat will be made
and written quotes for the work required supplied.

The vessel must have a valid licence for the waterways used during the planned passage.

The vessels engine must be in a servicable condition unless under tow.

The vessel must have aboard all the required kit for the intended passage in a servicable
condition. Any special gear the
ship onwer requires must also be supplied pior to the trip.

No liablity shall be acepted for damage caused after the vessel has be left by a tug, or a delivery crew, other than by pior arrangement with the ship onwer. Every reasonable effort shall be made to leave a vessel in the most suitable and safest places that we know at the time.

Reasonable effort shall be made to deliver a vessel to a place by the aggreed day unless affected by navigational restictions or other factors outside the control of J&M Marine Services or any of its agents or personel.

If the terms above to with the condition and suitablity of the vessel or kit are not forfilled by the aggreed delivery date. Towage or delivery may be withdrawn and the days fee still payable.

The vessel must be made avialable by the aggreed date or a days fee will be payable.

Any required changes to dates or details should be passed to us as soon as possible, failure to inform us may result in delivery being delayed.